Privacy Policy

Karanfilköyü is, in principle, far from allowing situations that may threaten the privacy and security of individuals in all virtual or real areas. For this purpose, the data collected from all guests who visit Karanfilköyü within their own permission are not shared with anyone except Karanfilköyü and analyzed only to increase the quality of the service provided by Karanfilköyü.

1. Karanfilköyü Website: The cookies accepted by the people who visit the Karanfilköyü website and the internet tools that visitors visit the website at what time of the day and from which region; Information such as which pages on the site they show interest is collected within the permission given by the individuals.

Online Appointments:

On the Karanfilköyü website, the name-surname, e-mail and telephone number of the person gathered by appointments to participate in our activities are only used to exchange information for the successful participation of the person and the owners of the e-mail addresses used for appointments or other services on our site are provided by Karanfilköyü as a blog subscriber. They agree to be accepted and receive information about blog posts and campaigns free of charge from us.

Subscription and Registration for the Newsletter: In the Subscribe or Register for Blog Bulletin on the Karanfilköyü website, the e-mail addresses collected from the people who have registered by e-mail are saved only to send the newsletter and the campaign updates they want and are not shared with anyone outside.

2. Karanfilköyü Mobile Applications: No private information is collected from people using Karanfilköyü mobile applications, but only data that we can get information about the quality of our applications, such as on which devices the mobile application was downloaded, on which devices it was used, how long it was used, and it is prohibited to share them externally.