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Who are we?

Some of them with various cultures and ideas living in different parts of Turkey have been educated at undergraduate level, while some have gained professional knowledge and skills in an area, we came together to write in the field of science, culture, art and literature and publish them in KARANFİlKÖYÜ JOURNAL.


As we approach the second quarter of the 21st century, economic anxiety invades every aspect of life, and all areas, big and small, are transformed into a trading house. In such a world, which is used for commercial purposes in every area due to economic anxiety, advertising that old people have assigned as a shame has reached a more concrete form, leading to subconscious assault and making too much image pollution. In this context, the role of writing for human beings decreases, while the importance of visuality leads people to settle only for what is shown to them, as well as the visual world and therefore the advertising producers to work towards managing the perception of society. Because this prevents the growing upbringing of people who can produce science and technology in this direction by using the science and technology produced by the age, the masses suffer from ignorance and wealth in knowledge.


We are uneasy about how future generations will grow up and how to gain a solid character while creating such severe consequences on people who have grown up with certain cultures and values when visual life is ineffective. We think that those who will take the flag from us about the existence of the human species on earth, we are dealing with a cruel question such as how long they can stay on earth by growing up in an environment where emotions are used for commercial purposes and where the mouth of the person is shot in the neck without resorting to any brute force.


The fact that the progress of science is limited to academic sector and although science is progressing to the extremes of knowing points, the lack of repercussions of this knowledge in the public sector has given us the role of being a bridge between the academic sector and the people. As a requirement, we will try to make it available to you by taking our interlocutor with a full of skin. As the authors of KARANFİlKÖYÜ JOURNAL, we want to make science, culture, art and literature both an acceptable place in human life and to make the world of writing more effective by spending five cents to make it reachable fo you. To this end, we are trying to go back to the barber shop with you and return with water without worrying about the economy.


We salute you with our feelings, thoughts, beliefs or disbeliefs.

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